What is Blink Surveys?

"Blink Surveys provides an enterprise data collection platform to collect user data from a single screen in 20 seconds. Forget those long boring & tedious surveys. "

Businesses can design and create their own surveys on our SaaS platform. These planar surveys (one screen) are based on keywords that are characteristics of the product or service for which the business wants to collect data.

Our system provides a unique URL for your survey must be completed in 20 seconds. Our system captures the click sequence for the keywords that are clicked and then slices and dices the data to provide the client with visualizations and analysis in real time.


  • Blink Surveys

Blink Surveys Product Overview

  • Planar surveys completed in 20 seconds

  • Single screen to edit surveys

Languages: Spanish, English, French, German
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Blink Surveys Pricing Plans

Other pricing information:

Plans based on the number of responses per survey. A sales rep is assigned for each account.
$20 for the first 100 responses
$500 for unlimited responses.
Monthly subscription of $49

Plans starting from: $49.00/month Credit card required: N/A
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