What is Finabile?

"Finabile is a one stop lending solution which is a customizable, modular and robust platform. Our solution leverages Loan Origination, Loan Management and lot more."

Finabile is a one-stop lending solution which is a customizable, modular and robust platform. It comes as a rare combination of flexibility and sturdiness to support a whole range of business operations for any type of financial organization. Our solution leverages Loan Origination, Loan Management, Collection Management, Accounting Management and a lot more. Ideal for NBFCs, Micro Financial Institutions, Private Companies, Private Lenders, Non-Government Organisations – SHG, P2P Lending, Credit Unions, and Alternate Lenders.

Finabile scored 74/100 in the Loan Management category. This is based on press buzz (34/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on Finabile gathered from around the web.

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Finabile Product Overview

  • REST-ful API - All the functionality in the platform are exposed with API’s using JSON to maintain important attributes like stateless and resource oriented.

  • Extensible - With the help of Data Table functionality, the platform core tables can be extended and can create any fields without intervention of dev team.

  • Command Query Separation - We separate commands (that change data) from queries (that read data).

  • Maker-Checker - It act as a four eye principle with an extensive maker checker configuration to validate the workflow process at each stage of functionality.

  • Fine grained access control - A fine grained permission is associated with each API and the administrators have fine grained control over what roles or users have access to.

  • 99% uptime on our cloud is guaranteed! Virtual Private Server will be hosted in Amazon EC2 instance.

  • Business Continuing Process / Disaster Recovery is supported.

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